"Every soul who comes to earth with a leg or two at birth must wrestle his opponents knowing it's not what is, it's what can be that measures worth. Make it hard, just make it possible and through pain I'll not complain. My spirit is unconquerable, fearless I will face each foe, for I know I am capable. I don't care what's probable, through blood, sweat, and tears, I am Unstoppable."

Anthony Robles

Thursday, July 12, 2012

So I figured that since it has been so hot recently why not talk a little about the benefits of water.  We have all been told to always drink lots of water but why?  Water has several benefits to them so let me explain a few to you.  First off our body is made up of mostly water so we need it to survive.  Some other benefits would be that it
  • Transports nutrients and oxygen into cells
  • Moisturizes the air in lungs
  • Helps with metabolism
  • Protects our vital organs
  • Helps our organs to absorb nutrients better
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Detoxifies
  • Protects and moisturizes our joints
Those are just a few benefits but as you can see water is very important so if you're ever feeling fatigued or getting headaches that could be a sign of dehydration so drink up.  1 Gallon of water a day : )

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