"Every soul who comes to earth with a leg or two at birth must wrestle his opponents knowing it's not what is, it's what can be that measures worth. Make it hard, just make it possible and through pain I'll not complain. My spirit is unconquerable, fearless I will face each foe, for I know I am capable. I don't care what's probable, through blood, sweat, and tears, I am Unstoppable."

Anthony Robles

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hill Running

You knew the running day was going to come sometime : )  Yeah it was Friday.  I didn't count how many times they went up the hill and I'm pretty sure everyone will have a different number but lets just say it was alot.  Reverse Lunges up the hill, lunges up the hill, backwards, sprints, jogging, bear crawl backwards up the hill and at the bottom of the hill it was static squats, vibration squats, straight arm plank, and speed runners.  But even with all of this I still didn't have anyone puke so it was a good morning.

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