"Every soul who comes to earth with a leg or two at birth must wrestle his opponents knowing it's not what is, it's what can be that measures worth. Make it hard, just make it possible and through pain I'll not complain. My spirit is unconquerable, fearless I will face each foe, for I know I am capable. I don't care what's probable, through blood, sweat, and tears, I am Unstoppable."

Anthony Robles

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Rip 60 Classes

We have finally got our new Rip 60 Frame set up and ready so we will be starting Rip 60 classes the beginning of November.  These classes are for anyone to take.  You can be a member of Gold's Gym or a non member it doesn't matter.  Let me know if you have questions and come get signed up at Gold's Gym.  We have a sign up sheet available at the front desk.  We will be having several classes at different times. 

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